Release 11.0

*Android 7.1.2 R24 merged
*Initial Android 7.1.2 Nougat NX Based Release
*Pixel Experience since first boot without mods or addons
*Essential Google Services and Apps included (There is no need to install GAPPS)
*All STABLE LOS features
*Pie Control
*Night Light
*Quick unlock
*Advanced security options
*Option to disable Fullscreen keyboard

Release 10.4

*Android 6.0.1 R66 merged
*Updated Theme Engine
*A lot of fixes and improvements in system

Release 10.3.3

*Android 6.0.1 R43 merged
*Network traffic on Status bar
*Some fixes and improvements in system

Release 10.2

*Android 6.0.1 R17 merged
*A lot of fixes and improvements in system

Release 10.1

*Android 6.0.1 R10 merged
*Fixed WiFi battery drain (at least here)
*Bring Screen Recorder
*Fix for Navigation bar glitch
*Improvements on Quick tiles
*A lot of fixes and improvements in system

Release 10.0.4

*Welcome Dark theme
*Bring back some QS tiles
*Bring back Variable size pattern lockscreen
*Bring Lock screen shotcuts
*Bring Advanced IME settings
*Bring SystemUI Tuner
*Option to display headset icon when headphone is plugged
*Fix Power end call switch
*Some fixes and improvements in system

Release 10.0.3

*Android 6.0.1 R3 merged
*Fixed black bar on landscape
*Bring back AOSP Battery Saver settings
*Bring back more Battery Saver options
*Bring back Wakelock Blocker
*Bring back Double tap to sleep on navigation bar option
*Bring back option to hide power menu on lock screen
*Bring back option to disable Notification drawer Quick pulldown
*Some fixes and improvements in system

Release 10.0.1

*Fixed FC's on some apps
*Bring back Notification Drawer Quick pull down
*Fixed issues on Root
*New mode to edit Quick Tiles from CM
*Bring back LCD Density
*Bring back Expanded Desktop
*Some fixes and improvements in system

Release 10.0

*Android 6.0 R26 merged
*All STABLE CM features
*CM 13 Theme Engine (Works fine with CM 13 compatible themes
*Option to hide Status bar Root icon
*Option to change Navigation bar height

Release 9.8.2

*Android 5.1.1 R18 merged

Release 9.7

*Android 5.1.1 R6 merged
*Fixed FC issue with MUZEI, Eleven and others apps
*Fixed No service on Lock screen
*Fixed FC on incoming call with Heads up disabled
*Some fixes and improvements in system

Release 9.6.4

*Fix a issue that bring incompatibility for some apps when change default DPI
*Option to select format of Call record file
*Smart Mute
*Fix Status bar SIM icon for Multi-sim devices
*Some fixes and improvements in system

Release 9.6.2

*Android 5.1.1 R3 merged
*Bring back LCD Density option
*Sync Tile
*Persist Power Profile after reboot if Per-app Profiles are disabled

Release 9.5.2

*Zen mode buttons on Power menu
*Option to hide Power menu on Lock screen
*PT-BR translations
*Fix status bar carrier alignment
*LCD Density option removed to fix some apps issues

Release 9.4

*Option to disable Superuser icon on Statusbar
*Fixed a bug that some applications can't be installed with successful
*Fix volume key music control with Ambient display
*Ambient display Tile
*Add 10% Battery Saver Trigger and expand options up to 30%

Release 9.3

*PIE Control
*Fixes in NX features for Multiuser
*Data Tile
*Heads Up Tile
*Allow/Prevent notification light in None Notifications mode
*Status bar carrier and custom name
*Custom Density setting
*Changes in FAB Clear all

Release 9.1

*Android 5.1.1 R1 merged
*Fixes in None notifications mode
*Return of Silent mode (enable or disable it in Interruptions menu)
*Remove Holo UI in Telephony apk

Release 9.0

*Android 5.1 R5 merged
*Use WebViewGoogle (can be updated from Play Store)
*CM Theme Engine
*Expanded desktop
*Privacy Guard
*Custom Quick Tiles
*Navigation ring targets
*Navigation bar customization
*Lock screen bottom shortcuts customization
*Navigation ring targets
*Option to auto-hide Status bar Network traffic
*Configurable Pattern size
*File Manager
*Some improvements and bugfixes

Release 8.0.2

*Android 5.1 R3 merged
*Attempt to fix Volume Rocker Seeker (Works with Ambient display disabled)

Release 8.0.1

*Android 5.1 merged
*All features of 7.2.4 Release
*Fix on HeadsUp for all notifications
*Play Services battery drain fixed

Release 7.2.3 / 7.2.4

*Ambient display time out in Settings > Display
*Fixes for Battery styles
*Materialize volume panel in-out animation
*Fixes and improvements for all devices
*In-call vibration features

Release 7.2.2

*Android 5.0.2 R1 merged
*Lock screen user configurable shortcuts
*Battery icon options and text mode
*Long pressing recent switch to last app
*Ability to change the color in battery saver mode
*Bring back stock MusicFX
*Fix in statusbar header weather
*Fix and improvements in System

Release 7.1

*Heads up for all fixed (No more issues with incoming call and no more Heads up at Lock screen)
*Back to Stock Kernel for Nexus 5 with D2W added (You can download 7.0 Custom kernel below ROM Download link
*Pin keypad shuffler
*Quick unlock
*Smoother Upload and Download Animation
*Volume rocker button seek on screen-off

Release 7.0

*Android 5.0.1 r1 Merged
*Fully merged my N5XPA KK Kernel for Nexus 5 into Lollipop Kernel with all features inside (Best battery life with best performance)
*Full Multirom support for Nexus 4 and Nexus 5
*OTG Support for Nexus 4 and Nexus 5
*Double-tap to wake integrated in Settings > Display on Nexus 5
*AppOps in Settings > Security
*New Interface menu in Settings (All from Display > Settings are on it)
*Option to disable Heads up notifications
*Option to enable Heads up notifications for all apps
*Option to enable Notification Ticker
*Option to disable Quick settings on secure Lock screen
*Option to add weather in Status bar header
*LockClock (cLock) widget with material interface by me
*Option to quick pull down from left side
*Smart pulldown
*LCamera app with 4K recording capabilities for Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 (Thanks to PkmX)
*DSP Manager with material interface by me
*Status bar header clock and date clickable
*Battery percentage beside of battery icon
*Don't block Home button if incoming call is a Heads up
*Clear all recents button now close all apps again
*Fixes in Center clock
*Battery percentage beside of battery icon
*Updated translations

Release 6.2

*FAB clear all recents with Fade in and Fade out effect
*Navigation bar clear all recents
*Option to disable Search widget on Recents screen
*Recents screen settings on Settings > Display where you can manage these options
*Both Clear all recents now close only visible apps (Foreground and non visible cards still open)
*Per app controls for lock screen notifications
*ROM now comes rooted! Don't need to flash SuperSU. Superuser is built-in in Settings. If you want to flash SuperSU, flash this on recovery and Superuser gone from Settings. If you want to DISABLE Root access, go to Developer Settings and disable it

Release 6.1

*Fix Google Play Services wakelocks
*Fix navigation bar back ime button in landscape

Release 6.0

*Clear All Recents button
*Battery and Notification lights control
*Double-tap to sleep on Status bar
*Status bar brightness control
*Option to disable Quick pull down
*Decrease Quick pull down area
*Improve scrolling cache
*Volume key adjust sound
*AdvancedReboot enabled by default
*Fix boot animation delay
*Updated translations

Release 5.6

*Based on tag android-5.0.0_r6 (LRX21T) from AOSP sources
*Full Nexus Experience from Google Factory images including GAPPS
*Permissive Kernel (Just flash Latest Chainfire SuperSU to get Root)
*Ambient Display Option in Settings > Display
*Reboot, Airplane mode and Sound options in Power menu
*Quick Settings panel pull down with one finger on Status bar extreme top right
*Native battery percentage in >Display > Status bar
*Network traffic in Settings > Display > Status bar
*Navigation bar height in Settings > Display > Navigation bar
*Status bar Clock and date customization in Settings > Display > Status bar
*Timeout and instant lock options in Swipe screen lock
*0.75 and 0.25 animation transition modes
*Show application's package name in the "App info" screen
*SuperSU in Settings if SuperSU is installed
*Filter spam notifications in Settings > Battery > Battery saver
*Advanced options for Input methods in Settings > Language and input
*Volume rocker wake up in Settings > Display
*Wake up device if charger is plugged/unplugged in Settings > Display
*Safe headset volume, Less annoying sound notification and Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime in Settings > Sound > Advanced options
*NX features translations in over 10 languages

Release 2.0

*Initial Release including all stable CM12 features
*ALL FIXES AND SOME IMPROVEMENTS from Android 5.1 like improvements in Lock screen, WiFi and Bluetooth Tiles, Heads Up behavior, new Clock app, new clear all notifications button and others!
*Fully user experience of Nexus devices since first boot
*Single SIM and Dual SIM working
*Heads Up Enabler/Disabler and Heads Up for all notifications options
*Notification ticker option
*Lock screen custom shortcuts
*Navigation bar height
*Option to add Sound panel to power menu
*Advanced IME options
*Option to disable Quick settings on lock screen

Release 1.0

*Initial Release (Expect all the bugs CM)

Release 1.0



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